key benefits of Club Administrator

Increased member retention

Have members who monitor their own attendance. When members record their own classes they are told how many they have attended since promoting and their average weekly attendance. They see the number of classes attended go up every time they attend; this provides constant feedback and reinforcement. Students like the feeling of control this gives them and you will find them monitoring their own attendance and attending more regularly.

Get your students setting and working toward their goals. . If your organization has skill levels you can schedule promotions in advance then these can also be displayed to students as they enter a class. Again this provides positive reinforcement; every week students see the number of weeks till their next level test or grading reduce. Combined with being able to monitoring their own attendance they are now in control and working toward their goals.

Easily identify changes in student’s attendance patterns. 'Club Administrator’ attendance summaries make it easy for you to instantly be able to see who you’re A, B and C students are. You’ll also see whose attendance rate is improving and whose is dropping.

Identify students who are missing from training. It is important to be able to quickly identify and contact students when they have been missing training to get them back on track. ‘Club Administrator’ makes this easy with both reporting and a contact management screen that lets you check their records, send them an email, write a note about them or anything else you may need to do as part of this follow up.

Exceed expectations. We aim to give you the tools to be able to exceed student expectations. One of these is the Student report. This provides a summary of all the students membership details, their training figures, with a graph of attendance by week, break down of the classes they have attended and more, all on one page for you to review with them.

Reduce late payment of fees

No more students forgetting when fees are due.When students enter them selves in classes they can be reminded their Fees are nearing due date. And you have all the information at your fingertips.

Automatic reminders for overdue payments.When fees are overdue and students enter class you can issue an audio message, display a pop up screen for them to acknowledge or require them to have an instructor enter a password to allow them to enter the class. Students start to pay on time without the need for you to be checking up whose fees are due and then sending out reminder notices, though you can print these if you like quickly and easily.

Contracts and external collection.Club Administrator’ allows you to manage both contracts and external payment collection records. This gives you greater options in deciding how you wish to collect and manage fees. You will not be limited by not being able to manage your records effectively. Decide you want to change to a new agency and you will be pleased to know we cater for multiple external collection agencies.

Beter control over your stock and sales

Automatic order generation to maintain stock levels. Set your stock levels, using sales and coverage reports then purchase orders can be generated automatically, ready to print or e-mail direct from ‘Club Administrator’. Save time and reduce the guess work in placing orders.

Know where your profits and money are.Sales analysis, Stock on hand and shrinkage are analysed by ‘Club Administrator’ allowing you to understand how your business is performing. Manage your business with the same information large corporations rely on. In the long run you'll have more control and save money by managing your business more effectively.

Critical Business information:

Advertise more effectively.With the Club Administrator marketing management functions you will know what forms of advertising and which adds are working best for you. This enables you to tune your advertising and saves you money and generates more leads in the long term.

Understand your business.With income projection and income per member reports you will know how much money will be coming into your business and will understand exactly how much each new member is worth to you. There are many reports and graphs in club administrator designed to give you a very clear picture of different aspects of your business, you will have the information you need to be able to make the best decisions possible.

Free your time up

Students record their own attendance. Barcode scanning or a cost effective keypad entry solution, makes it easy for students to record their own attendance, freeing up your time or your administration assistants.

Simpler decisions.Students attendance and grading requirements work together to allow accurate and easy decisions regarding who is eligible to promote.

And more. With ‘Club Administrator’ you'll benefit and save time in many other ways. The many reports and features like mail merge are all designed to allow you to do what you need quickly and easily. ‘Club Administrator’ has been designed, used by and had enhancements and improvements suggested by many clients with a wide diversity of needs so it will do every thing you need.