A complete Solution

The Club Administrator package works for you not only capturing all the information listed here but by analysing and reporting on it, to enable you to make effective business decisions....


Register and Track Leads and prospects. Convert leads to members. Store and manage member details. Produce member cards and swipe cards

Contact Members

Send custom messages by email, IM and SMS. Send messages to absent members and get them back. Uses SKYPE for messaging.


Record student attendance Scanning system for self attendance recording Attendance and absense recording


Create as many fee payment types as required. All types catered for, internally / externally collected, time base / class based memberships, annual fees, affiliation fees.

Styles and Grades

Create multiple styles or programs. Members can belong to one or multiple styles Attendance and levels or grades tracked for each style.


Create and maintain class timetables for 1 or multiple locations or training areas Multiple class types Limit attendance based on level, age group or both Set up class roles and assign students to specific classes


Student Accounts, for invoicing, referral rewards, work / study or any other purpose. General ledger for recording all expenses. Produce complete profit / loss reports direct from Club Administrator. Lead and student costs reporting with Marketing management. Member value and profit projection reporting


Assign work hours Time clock for employees to log in / out. Generate pays.

INTUITIVE and easy to use

Club Administrator

Club Administrator is built with the user in mind. Easy to use drop down menus and icons make it quick and easy to do what you need to do. The standard windows interface being familiar and easy to use. Support for multiple windows enables you to move easily between tasks.

Easy to integrate

Club Administrator

Interfaces to Microsoft Office: when you want to do more with your data we make it easy for you. We give you safe easy access to your data with our custom reporting and export features. Using these you can transfer data from club administrator to a Word document, Excel spread sheet or Access database, then use all the features of Microsoft office that you are already familiar with.


Organization: KMA Black Belt Success Schools
I have been using Full Contact Software now for almost 4 years, it just keeps on getting better. Having wasted a whole lot of money on several programs I am so glad we found “full contact”.
Having stats at your finger tips is an essential element to achieving good business success, it does it all from student management to stock management. It really is the A to Z of software that no serious school owner can do without.
In fact one of my first recommendations as a professional martial arts business consultant is to buy this program.
It is the only program I recommend or use.
Fari Salievski
website: MA Professionals:
KMA Black Belt Success Schools:
Organization: World Seido Juku Karate Organisation Honbu, New York, USA
It’s been almost a year since we began using Dojo Administrator and it has been a great help to our organization. We are the headquarters to a worldwide organisation and we oversee over 500 students at our location alone. With so many options and capabilities, Dojo Administrator is a must for any size school. We’ve been through other check-in/administrative programs, but Dojo Admin. Is the best and the technical support is by far incomparable. I recommend this program, to anyone.
Organization: Zenshin Martail Arts, Australia
I have been using the Dojo Administrator Software for approximately 3 years. An invaluable asset for my organisation. It allows me to keep accurate records of student attendance and personal details as well as a multitude of other reports and records. My organisation caters for over 600 members and this program has been the best of its kind.
I can highly recommend this program for any school wishing to promote a professional approach
Organization: Joe’s Boxing & Seido Karate Broadway, Sydney Australia I have been using dojo administrator for six months and it has vastly improved my information about my students. I have just installed the class entry module and my students have taken to it with enthusiasm. This will save enormous amounts of entry time and give me graphical info on each students progress. Each release is full of new useful features which will help develop my student service.